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Garage Exhaust Systems

Garage Exhaust Systems

Carbon Monoxide and Diesel Exhaust in the Workplace

Mechanics and other vehicle service or repair workers, welders, automotive shop workers, vehicle painters…. these folks all have something in common: every day they work in and around toxic fumes.

Because worker safety at our many automotive service customer locations is of utmost concern, we have partnered with Ascent Systems in order to offer their exhaust system solutions. Ascent Systems is an industry leader in the system design and manufacturing of Custom Air Pollution Control Systems. By customizing exhaust evacuation systems, their industry expertise provides real, tangible safety solutions that can be tailored to accommodate any size workplace while giving our customers peace of mind that they are providing a safe working environment and complying with EPA and OSHA regulations.

We are pleased to work closely together with Ascent Systems to provide safe, viable and effective exhaust system solutions. 

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Safety Report: Due to the expanding use of diesel equipment, more workers than ever are exposed to diesel exhaust. Motor vehicles emit several pollutants that the EPA classifies as known or probably human carcinogens. Laboratory tests have shown that diesel exhaust is toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic. Formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, diesel particulate matter, and 1,3-butadiene are hazardous products of incomplete combustion found in diesel exhaust. Carbon monoxide and diesel smoke are considered by OSHA to be hazardous materials. It is critical that maintenance facilities have adequate vehicle exhaust evacuation systems for both worker safety and OSHA compliance.

Hydraulic Piping

Hydraulic piping systems can include everything from grease, motor oil, gear oil, ATF, etc.

Our trained technicians install seamless stainless steel high-pressure tubing, which is durable, has a neater look, is easier to install and and is more cost effective for our clients.